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Strategy and Place – still illuminating

Twenty years ago, I found myself balancing a demanding role at the Walt Disney Company whilst completing my studies for an MBA and as part of my research I came across Martha O’Mara’s insightful book ‘Strategy and Place’. It was a pioneering effort which she began...

Pondering on Different Perspectives

A recent Twitter exchange amongst fellow workplace travellers prompted me to mull on the question of perspectives. This led to those great existential questions:  Why don’t we see things in the same light? How come we have different perspectives even on the same...

Wembley: A national gem gets a polish

To most people Wembley will always be the arena of so many glorious moments in English and even world sporting history – the site of the first post-war Olympics in 1948, that unforgettable 1966 England World Cup victory, numerous football Cup Finals - as well as...

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Recently I’ve noticed a noticeable increase in the mainstream press and social media on the importance of placemaking; making me wonder why has it become so topical now and what are the driving factors behind the buzz? Reading London’s popular Evening Standard...

A collision of two colossi?

A collision of two colossi?

I am always filled with awe, every time I get the opportunity to walk through  the  hallowed  portals  of  The  Mother  of  Parliaments, However, last week there was another reason to be awestruck; since I was attending and event hosted by WeWork at the Palace of...

Boston and Madrid reflections: A Rubicon moment in transit?

Boston and Madrid reflections: A Rubicon moment in transit?

Having just returned from the CoreNet Global Summit in Boston and having previously attended the EMEA Conference in Madrid, I had the opportunity to reflect on what I had observed at both these gatherings. My impression was that CRE/workplace sector was now beginning...

Spaces and Places – are they one and the same?

Spaces and Places – are they one and the same?

For most of my professional career I have differentiated between workspaces and workplaces. Is there any difference? The official definition is that there are differences between workplace and workspace. Moreover in most of our minds it is rigidly set - workplace is...

Televison Centre- great to see a vision becoming reality

Televison Centre- great to see a vision becoming reality

Losing an icon of British creativity would have been a real shame. It’s great to see Television Centre (TVC)  re-emerge after its intermission of two years. Attending the recent grand opening ceremony I couldn’t have imagined things would have worked out so well.  The...

To blog or not to blog?

Is having a social media presence in all its guises a pre-requisite for living a full life I ask myself? Having been mostly “off – air” for almost a year I’ve spent this time reflecting not only on my own situation but on the wider world where the future is coming a...

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Smart Spaces & Places provides insight and key learning from a diverse range of placemaking/ organisations and events which have embraced agile working or alternative working strategies over the last few years, both in the UK, as well as globally.

The site is based on my thoughts, research and experiences, coupled with observations from travelling all over the world.

One of the abjectives of Smart Spaces & Places is that of discovering a smart approach of using the physical workplace in an intelligent and innovative way by integrating ‘People and Place’ effectively. How the 21st Century workplace can be freed to be more agile, generate more creativity and productivity, as well as, ultimately delivering significant business success.


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