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Back to the office?

The Great Office Debate – the great future of work Debate 2021 #1 The tidal wave of noise in the media about work from home (WFH) and the spotlight on remote working is one of the surprisingly significant by-products of these pandemic times. The massively impactful...

Surviving the mosh pit

Making Sense of the Noise Making sense of all the noise out there about the future of the office and work gives me a headache and I don’t think I’m the only one with a sore head!  Participating in a recent Workplace Evolutionaries webinar with the very ‘rock n...

Offices have a strong future – or do they???

The nature of demand for space has changed irreversibly.

The Great Future of the Office Debate – the shift from fixed to fluid?

I wonder what will future historians say about the 2020’s? Will they see these ‘pandemic times’ as a milestone which marked the end of Industrial Age thinking and the birth of the new Digitally-Enabled Era?  Dare I say the Age of the Human? Taking a...

Reimagining the Office

”What’s the purpose of the office?” that is a question I've been asking many people in recent years – not ever imagining that the future of offices would be the most hotly debated topic in 2020. Current circumstances have certainly thrown a massive spotlight on the...

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Pondering on Different Perspectives

Pondering on Different Perspectives

A recent Twitter exchange amongst fellow workplace travellers prompted me to mull on the question of perspectives. This led to those great existential questions:  Why don’t we see things in the same light? How come we have different perspectives even on the same...

Wembley: A national gem gets a polish

Wembley: A national gem gets a polish

To most people Wembley will always be the arena of so many glorious moments in English and even world sporting history – the site of the first post-war Olympics in 1948, that unforgettable 1966 England World Cup victory, numerous football Cup Finals - as well as...

Thirty Years A-Growing

Thirty Years A-Growing

Having bumped into an old friend and professional colleague at an industry event recently I was transported back in time to when we were both young surveyors in London in the late 1980s. Reflecting back on those heady days as I approached my 30’s in 1989, me an...

Breakfast at New Horizon

Breakfast at New Horizon

New Horizon Youth Centre Before you accuse me of losing my place-making marbles there is a poignant link. One of the many themes running through Truman Capote’s novel and the eponymous film is primarily the main characters’ need for security and safety. Another one is...

Reflections on Rome

Reflections on Rome

Placemaking in Rome - the Eternal City In my last blog it was the brash buzz of the adrenaline-filled Big Apple which fuelled my inspiration; this time it’s the grandeur and historic splendour of the Eternal City. Admittedly quite a vivid contrast in so many ways, the...

The Big Apple always serves up a treat!

The Big Apple always serves up a treat!

New York is certainly a ‘State of Mind’, as Billy Joel once sang, and a trip there always fills me with awe and inspiration. I’ve always marvelled at places such as Manhattan. Perhaps it’s because I come from a small village in a small country and can’t get over the...

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Smart Spaces & Places provides insight and key learning from a diverse range of placemaking/ organisations and events which have embraced agile working or alternative working strategies over the last few years, both in the UK, as well as globally.

The site is based on my thoughts, research and experiences, coupled with observations from travelling all over the world.

One of the abjectives of Smart Spaces & Places is that of discovering a smart approach of using the physical workplace in an intelligent and innovative way by integrating ‘People and Place’ effectively. How the 21st Century workplace can be freed to be more agile, generate more creativity and productivity, as well as, ultimately delivering significant business success.


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